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      Judgement and treatment of mechanical failure of high voltage switchgear

      How to judge and deal with the mechanical faults of the high voltage switchgear?
      [answer] the common mechanical faults in high pressure cabinet are mechanical linkage malfunction, operating mechanism malfunction and so on. Most of the fault parts are loosening of the fastening parts, the wear of the transmission parts, the improper adjustment of the limit position and so on.
      1, mechanical linkage failure: in order to ensure the correct operation of the switch, there are some mechanical chains in the switchgear. For example, the switch must be sluice when the handcart moves in and out of the cabinet. When the switch is switched on, the isolation switch can not be operated. This type of fault is varied and should be looked up along the way of mechanical transmission. The general protection mechanism is relatively simple and rarely crossover with other institutions, and it is more convenient to find.
      2, operating mechanism failure: the most fault location of the operating mechanism is the limit loci offset. For example, the meshing of the fan-shaped wheel and the tripping half axis in the CT8 type mechanism is the key to the adjustment of the mechanism. The meshing amount is large, the pulling resistance is big, and it is easy to die. Small amount of meshing, easy to jump, can not be closed. The adjustment method is to change the length of the limit bolt and the length of the connecting rod.
      Although a variety of fault of high voltage cabinet is diverse, but as long as you can switch in the accident trip, electric manual can not judge out of high voltage switch cabinet of common electrical or mechanical failure, determine the fault position according to the fault phenomena and inspection results, can quickly eliminate.