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        Electric safety and energy saving solutions for rail transit

        Energy recovery and utilization
        Based on the innovative architecture, the system and equipment are started up when the DC side voltage is too high when the train brake causes the DC voltage to be too high. The DC voltage is stabilized, and the energy generated by the brake is converted to the high quality AC power, which is fed back to the medium voltage system, and is used for other loads in the system.

        Power supply quality improvement
        The power electronic transformation technology is used to filter harmonic currents and reactive power in the 400V power supply system of substations, so as to ensure the efficiency of power supply and improve the power quality of power supply system.

        Low voltage distribution guarantee
        The advanced excitation drive technology is used in the 400V power supply system of the substation to convert the two power supplies to ensure the power supply continuity of the important load.

        Intelligent lighting control
        By the reasonable management, in time zone need to turn on the light, in order to optimize the energy utilization rate; in addition to energy saving and environmental protection, to provide people with the lighting environment just perfect, to enjoy at the same time, lighting; easy operation and management, flexible, in order to save maintenance costs.