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      What is the principle of switchgear selection

      Based on years of experience in the design of distribution products and distribution projects, the engineers have summed up the following selection principles:
      (1) analyze the size of the load in order to choose the suitable circuit breaker cabinet or the load switch cabinet. At present, the main cabinet is preferred in the circuit breaker cabinet, and the first choice of the vacuum load switch cabinet and the SF6 load switch cabinet is the first choice for the load switchgear.
      (2) select the cabinet type according to the nature of the project (transformation project, compatibilization project or new project). The renovation or in situ compatibilization is usually improved with reference to the original products. New projects will consider new products with high quality, high reliability and low loss.
      (3) measure the length, width and high size of the distribution room, and choose the cabinet type according to the size.
      (4) choose the product which is convenient to maintain and repair.
      (5) the cabinet of the switchgear is required to have good antifouling, antirust and corrosion protection functions.